Hypodown Comforters

Everybody is unique. Some of us feel toasty even on the chilliest nights. Others run for the thermostat the minute the sun goes down. Luckily, we have a comforter for everyone!

First, choose your fill power.  Your fill power deals a lot with the quality of the product.  The higher the fill power, the larger, fluffier, warmer, and more durable the down cluster is.

Choosing your fill weight is very important when choosing the perfect comforter.  Fill weight is different than fill power; being that it is how many ounces of down go into the product itself.  The higher the number of ounces of down, the warmer and more voluminous it will be.  Please note: you cannot have an extremely fluffy and voluminous comforter without it being warm!  The higher the ounces = warmer and fluffier.

If you’re always cold, choose the VERY warm, heavy Arctic weight. 
If you’re comfortable in most surroundings, go with Classic weight.
If you tend to run a little warm at night, Southern weight is perfect for you. 
If you’re hot, hot, hot, choose Southernlite.

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