Sweet slumber is on the way.

You have to breathe. You have to eat. And you have to sleep. Yes, even you. Sleep is when the body replaces cells, reenergizes muscles and turns everything you learn today into memory tomorrow. Yet most of us don't get as much sleep as we need. So we're tired. Cranky. And can't perform at peak efficiency. Ogallala will change all that. We'll show you how our Hypodown® comforters, pillows and featherbeds will help you sleep better. And if it all gets too technical, feel free to nod off. We won't mind.

Hypodown - The stuff dreams are made of. Some say it's like being wrapped in warm whipped cream. Others say it's like sleeping on a cloud. Everyone agrees that Hypodown assures a cozy night's sleep in lightweight, billowy luxury. Hypodown is ingenious and creative, yet purely natural. It combines two of nature's most unique fibers to give you a tranquil, restful night's sleep. Our Hypodown blend is white goose down and Syriaca clusters, a fiber from the milkweed plant. The two work hand in hand to give you the best of their natural abilities: warmth and comfort.

To speak with a sleep consultant, call 800.658.4370 or 308.284.8403.

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